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Change the World

Learn about the many crisis facing the world today. Solve them through Hackathons, or Quests. Build out solutions. Implement them. Be the change you want to see. 

Summer Quests

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Summer Quests

Term Time Quests

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Term Time

Courses are in partnership with the Lumi Network 

"We believe that young people are some of the most creative, talented and innately intelligent humans. Society needs their creativity and more than ever right now to engage and become a part of a global network to tackle the greatest challenges of our times.

The pandemic has created a greater sense of urgency and clarity around these issues on health, environment and sustainability, and most importantly education. As Covid-19 took hold, a group of educators, entrepreneurs, parents and design thinkers globally came together and launched an experimental quest with children from across the world, to brainstorm how to tackle the virus. The outcomes from this experiment went viral.


This left us in no doubt that every young person can benefit from an ecosystem that makes this engagement and innovation happen, with some expert guidance."

That is Lumi!

Founded by Prashant Raizada, a McKinsey alumnus with multiple unicorns in the ed-tech space, Lumi is a network of children who have come together to solve the most pressing challenged faced by the world today. These challenges are outlined by the UN Sustainable Development Initiative, and Prashant's vision is to bring children into the discussion and help us help them solve these issues for a better future.

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