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How it Works!

CURIOUS CAMPUS is the platform for kids to discover a new talent, a passion, an experience or a hobby outside of the hustle & bustle of daily life. We call these experiences MasterClasses.

Find what you're truly passionate about, select classes on the fly, drop in to the ones you like, and build your activity calendar to fill your days with learning and fun.

With the Academy, you can sign up to amazing classes that help you with your academic success. Be it 11+, GCSE, A levels or even School Admissions - we can help.

At the Clubhouse, for a small monthly subscription fee, you can access numerous experiences and extra-curricular interests. Just drop in, learn a little, change the world and make friends globally.

The Old Curiosity Shop is our little treasure trove of amazing toys and educational entertainment. 

We partner with TRUSTED teachers and companies, providing the best quality education for children at competitive prices. 

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