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Curious Lego Club

We believe there is a creative genius in each of us, and with practice and learning from peers can we hone that creative skill.

 We have partnered with BRICKS McGEE, the foremost Lego experts to run the club where you will learn a new skill, challenge yourself, build something cool and even get to learn from other kids in an intimate online environment.


- Sign up to the Lego Club, and become a paid Member.

- Once you've become a member, you will be added to the LEGO CLUB VIRTUAL GROUP online and you're ready to start building.

- Once in, the Discussion boards, chats, image libraries etc are all free and included while you're a member


- Lesson 2: "Seeing Clearly" July 3rd 

Please separate out all the transparent and blue windows and bricks you have.

- Lesson 3: "Wheels and motion" August 7th 

Please separate out all the wheels and some axles or brackets to hold them.

- Lesson 4: "Go slopes!" September 4th

Please separate out all the slopes and inverted slope.

- Lesson 5: "Nature" October 2nd

Please separate out lots of green and brown pieces.

-Lesson 6: "Crazy Curves" November 6th

Please get as many 1x1 round bricks and 1x3 regular bricks as you have

- Lesson 7: "Historic" December 4th

Please separate out as many white pieces as you have of all shapes and sizes