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Make & Move Kit

Make & Move Kit


Build, ride, transform and ride again


Kids grow with the blink of an eye. Parents have to buy walkers, ride-on bikes, balance bikes and scooters, allin the early years of childhood. Not only a waste of money, but also implicating an environmental burden.


We all know the 2 or 3-in-1 bike kits, but with these kits you stay very limited with the age range and type of bike. What if one kit could really transform into all the rides you need for the first six years of childhood?What if this kit would give parents not just three but fourteen options of different models to build?Impossible? Meet the modular magic of the Make & Move Kit!


PRESENTING THE ULTIMATE 14-in-1 Modular Bike Kit


The development of your child begins with Infento.

Infento created an innovation as versatile as Lego or Meccano, but life-sized! The 14-in-1 Make & Move Kit grows along with kids aged 0 to 6. Need a new ride because your child is ready to learn a new skill? Just build a new one together! Functionality, durability and fun for their entire early childhood!


Why Infento?

Age Adaptability

Make & Move Kit Rides grow with your child, offering unlimited fun from 6 months to 6 years of age!


Active Play

Less time behind screens and more time spent being physically active, building and riding.


Kinesthetic Learning

Infento supports your child in developing their motor and coordination skills.


Quality Time

Build your own vehicle together with your child and feel proud of your creation!


Super Sustainable

Stop buying new toys, simply build a new one together. Modular parts offer a sea of possibilities.


Buy one now to make your child FUTURE PROOFED.

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