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About your instructor

David Salch

Learning facts and skills is definitely important, but an often missed but critical piece of education is understanding the foundation. Without a proper understanding of the underlying principles of "how something works", the collection of facts are not only less useful, but often dangerous. It is the understanding of principles that makes interpretation and application of facts possible. By achieving a basic understanding of the principles, it is possible to truly master life skills.


I am mid 50's, Father of 11 children and 4 grandchildren. My life experience is one of constant learning, across many disciplines, resulting in a very broad understanding of everything from the basic skills of life to deep high technology and innovative agriculture. I have several patents in my name and I am releasing a series of books on food and health through profitable small farms. As a homeschool Dad, my desire is to bring a wealth of basic understanding to the next generation. Not how to use things, but how they really work. The type of understanding the next generation misses through education designed to only teach how to use something.


My classes are intended to give enough understanding to peak interests for further learning through independent research. Each class covers a single topic, at a deep enough level to empower the student to dive further successfully. There is no pre-requisite except a love of understanding. If you are looking to just know how to use something, this is not the place. But if you want to learn how life works, if you love to understand how this or that works, then come along on this journey of exploration into the beautiful simplistic complexity of life and nature.


The classes I teach are all independent but organized into series. It is not a requirement to take all the classes in a series, nor is it required to take them in order. This is designed to give you the most flexibility in scheduling. Also, the classes do repeat monthly and on different days and time slots, so that if you can't make one class there will be another soon that will match your schedule.


I also offer tutoring to individuals and groups, on any topic covered in my classes, or any related topic. This is a true on demand one on one or group interactive tutoring session to add that extra touch whenever needed.

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David Salch

In order to take the classes above, you will need to order the robotics kit. Please click here order, a minimum of 1 week before commencement of the class

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