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Crypto in 5 days flat

Half Term Cryptomania - Monday to Friday 1 hour a day. 5 days. Become a pro

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Service Description

This course is aimed at giving students a first introduction to the world of blockchain through a series of theoretical & practical activities built to give them a competitive edge. We want to create the next generation of leaders in a sector that is going to impact every level of society just like the internet did back in the 90s’. Lesson 1 - The origin of Blockchain What is blockchain and how does it work? What are its benefits and why it is regarded as “the next big thing”. Is all Blockchain, Bitcoin? Deliverables: Students will acquire an understanding of blockchain. Gaining the foundational knowledge of the topic, you will be able to start thinking critically about new projects and whether their applications are actually solving a problem in the market. Lesson 2 – Cryptocurrencies Discover what powers blockchain & learn how all about cryptocurrencies. How do they work? – What are they used for and why are they important for the blockchain ecosystem? Deliverables: In lesson 2, students will learn about the different types of crypto in the market and what each type entails. Lesson 3 – dApps What are Smart Contracts? – How do they program a blockchain? Why is it useful and what applications can they bring? Web3: NFTs, DeFi and The metaverse – The three hot topics of the blockchain universe. Find out how they are going to change the world. Deliverables: In lesson 3, students will gain a critical understanding of the different applications of Smart Contracts and Blockchain by exploring three different macro areas. Lesson 4 - Tokenomics and Utility of a Token Learn concepts of blockchain economics while understanding what to look for in a blockchain project. Blockchain explorers – Practical exercise how to check a transaction and wallets. Deliverables: Students will acquire analytical knowledge on the economical value of a crypto project, enabling them to define whether the latter has intrinsic value in the long run. They will also be equipped with the necessary skills to use blockchain essential software to strengthen and support their analysis. Lesson 5 - Learning into Practice: open a digital wallet and move cryptocurrency to and from the wallet as well as interfacing with blockchain applications. Deliverables: Setup up a digital wallet. For this task, students will be required to buy a small symbolic amount of crypto for the value of £10 through a step-by-step guide provided by the leader. A COMPUTER IS A MUST FOR THIS COURSE

Some Rules

To cancel or reschedule, please do so 48 hours before the event for free. Please note that our providers create content for YOU and working hard to make their courses truly magical. We owe them a minimum of 48 hours notice, failing which the full amount of the class is forfeited.

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36 Paradise Road, Richmond TW9 1LW, UK

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