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The Autumn Challenge

Complete all 8 challenges over 8 weeks. Earn HERO points!

  • At your own time and pace

Service Description

The Curious Campus x HUBECO partnership is designed to transform the way we live. Hubeco is determined to help tackle the problem of climate change. The aim is to lead schools, families and communities to take action. Through small, incremental lifestyle changes, we hope to collectively make big differences. Sign up now and join the Autumn competition: The competition begins on September 12th through to October 31st If youre late, yes you can catch up! The focus for the Autumn term is Healthy Living Here's the sample schedule for the 8 week Summer Challenge: Week Commencing Sep 12th - Plant Food Sep 19th - Screen Time Sep 26th - Palm Oil Free Oct 3rd - Food Waste Oct 10th - Grown your Own Oct 17th - Use a Compost Bin Oct 24th - Have a meat free day Oct 31st - Walk & Cycle Its simple - join a challenge. Prove you've completed the task with photographs on the platform. Compete with kids around the world. Earn ‘Hero’ points along the way and win exciting prizes and a chance to feature on our Young Eco’s podcast. The Autumn Challenge is open to all ages. It's a small step towards changing the world. NEXT STEPS: Sign up here We send you HUBECO login details Start your challenge Change the world

Upcoming Sessions

Some Rules

To cancel or reschedule, please do so 48 hours before the event for free. Please note that our providers create content for YOU and working hard to make their courses truly magical. We owe them a minimum of 48 hours notice, failing which the full amount of the class is forfeited.

Contact Details

36 Paradise Road, Richmond TW9 1LW, UK

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