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Our Curious Story

Curious Campus is a platform for kids extra-curricular activities & experiences. The big question - what do you kids do in their spare time.


Our founder, Suruchi, graduated from Wycombe Abbey a couple of decades ago. To her, education wasn't only in the classroom - it was about exposure to different facets of life. From Book Clubs to Debating societies, drama competitions to lacrosse games, she was privileged to be exposed to a wide array of activities growing up that have shaped who she is today.

Fast forward 2 decades, and she is a mother of 2 boys. (Yes, we feel your pain too!). Two boys with strong personalities who needed to be steered in the right direction of learning and values. Academia can be taught in school, but it's the mindset of excellence and the thirst for knowledge and expanding ones mind that has to be taught outside the classroom.

Suruchi is a proud mother today, with her boys admitted into the best best schools in the UK, and we can attribute it to the well rounded education they have received growing up. Drama, Debating, Languages, Sport, Creative classes - anything that broadened their horizon, made them experience different activities and cultures, and anything that helped them become better human beings.

In lockdown where mindless screentime was the only real outlet for kids, Suruchi dreamed up Curious Campus. She brought all those years of parenting onto one platform. Teachers who have taught her children successfully have been curated onto the platform, sharing the successes she has had as a parent to the world.


On Curious Campus, every teacher is personally vetted by our team. So you can be assured that they are all 5 star. From online classes to offline experiences, Curious Campus is curating your child's spare time. We would love for you to explore Curious Campus, and help us make the world a better place for our children. 

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