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5 Unforgettable Kid-Friendly Activities to Enjoy in London This Spring!

We've scoured London to find you some of our favourite experiences to do as a family. New experiences, new shows, new things to do.

The Balloon Museum

Another "immersive" exhibit in London? This one is different. The Balloon Museum is a unique format created by a team with unbelievable imagination. This is a contemporary art exhibition with specific works in which ‘air’ is a distinctive element. With out-of-scale installations of unexpected shapes, the Museum immerses the viewers with intriguing experiences. This unconventional approach to culture is fascinating and is helping to establish Inflatable Art as one of the most acclaimed ‘Pop’ movements in the world today.


Art of the Brick

For all you Lego lovers out there, this is an unmissable exhibition. Starting March 6, immerse yourself among the Lego sculptures of Michelangelo's David, Da Vinci's Mona Lisa and full scale dinosaurs. After touring 100 cities in 24 countries and entering CNN's list of “Must-See Exhibits", you must not miss this show in London.



We're writing about Frozen here, because it may be time to finally let it go. Catch it before the magical frozen spell is gone this September with good seat availability before the summer tourist rush. For those who have not heard, the story is centered around the relationship of two sisters who are princesses. With brilliant set design and memorable sing-along tunes, this is a show you wont want to miss.


Astronomy Photographer of the Year

Glittering stars, shimmering galaxies, fiery suns and silver moons – the Astronomy Photographer of the Year is a global competition of the most spellbinding space photographs in the world. Running till March 10th, get inspired by space and its wonders.



Throughout the ages, artists have used paint as their medium to capture the world. Imagine going beyond that frame, with floor to ceiling immersive exhibits of the masters spread across 4 rooms, curated beautifully with hypnotic music in the background. It is a visual and audio escape, right in the middle of the city off Marble Arch


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