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Debating, Art, Chess, Summer Camps & more. Discover your interests & perfect your passions

Incredible gifts. Smart toys. Gift cards. Memorable experiences. Books & more

Learn from those who have been there and done that. Podcasts & Blogs. Across ages

Want to get into school in the UK?

Get real-time guidance from counsellors who have been there with their own kids, and found success with the top educational institutions in the UK.

Actual Intelligence in Math is now live.

What is

An AI powered Math platform that is currently learning how math from 7+ through to A level. With a mind of its own, it has decided to start mid-way with questions for the GCSE's.  It is still learning (hence, the Beta Mode), so pardon any gaffes along the way. 
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Ace the year ahead

The Kids Concierge

How do I get my kids to spend their time productively (even while on holiday)? Just fill in your details and we will get in touch with you with an incredible itinerary mixing play & learning.

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Meet our Founder

Our story began a decade ago in trying to solve a simple problem of finding interesting things for our children to do while at home. We curated a list of teachers with all sorts of activities, our boys loved it, word spread, we built a booking site and here we are now. Curious Campus now covers admissions counseling, exam prep, tutorials, extra-curricular activities and more.


Suruchi, our founder, is a Wycombe Abbey alum. She went on to study at LSE, and then worked for a magic circle law firm, before pivoting to running a large scale manufacturing business. Suruchi is personally responsible for the mentoring and consulting practice. Under her leadership, Curious Campus has ensured that 100% of our children have been admitted into their first choice school - be it Eton or Harrow, Charter House or Westminster. We cannot guarantee anything, but have the tools to ensure that every child is given the right advice and appropriate resources to achieve their goals.

Suruchi is aided by a team of Ivy League & Oxbridge graduates, with schooling roots between the UK and India from the likes of  Westminster, St Pauls, Eton and The Doon School among others

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