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At Curious Campus, we bring want our kids to be inspired by people and organizations who have a genuine love for a particular subject. We strive to support deeply passionate entrepreneurs, who want to change the world. Join a club, get inspired by the best and become a better version of yourself

Our incredible book clubs are run with the guidance of the cutest children's bookstore in the world -
The Alligators Mouth. The Chess Club is run by the most nurturing chess instructor in the world and the Give Back Group partners with the most impactful social organizations around.  

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Tropical Leaves

Sprightly 9 year old!

I loved the class. It sparked my imagination to another level. The teacher is super fun and very nice. The class is unlike any  other boring class I've done before.

Karthik took "The Future is Make Believe - by Fabled"

Fluid Painting Class

Mother of an 8 year old boy

Priyanka, the class was amazing and so engaging! The kids loved it and the output was fantastic! Thank you so much

Pria's son learned "Fluid Painting with PVA Studio"

Chess Game Clases Online

9 Year Old Student

Chess with a patient teacher  and once a week is just what I needed to get into my school chess team. I actually look forward to class with Rahul

Vikramaditya does the Chess Group Class once a week

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